Is Your Office/Home An Example Of Space Management Or Space Mismanagement?

“I know it’s here somewhere.” “I’ll have to get back to you about that.” “Where’s that _____?”

Sound familiar? If so, chaos has crept into your small business and home – and is probably busy spreading throughout your organization and home like a virus. Disorganization and confusion are irritating, but they’re also just plain bad for business and home relaxation. Think of it as a formula, if you like: chaos increasing equals profits decreasing also chaos increasing equals inspiration/relaxation decreasing or boredom increasing.

Imagine working or living in an office or home that is gloomy, unstructured and without any ‘personality’. What would your mindset be if you were to work or live in such a kind of an office/home setting?

“An office is a place where a working professional spends a good deal of his/her time during the day. They see the same interiors every single day, day in and day out, so attention should be given in the way the office space is designed and maintained. There should be a distinct characteristic that should be reflected in the office space, which gives one a sense of belonging and cheer to the employees working there,” says Pooja Palan, interior designer (specializing in office space management) and faculty at Rachna Sansad College, Mumbai. When you walk through the office, do you have to detour around obstacles or run the risk of tripping over something? When you sit down at a desk, could you actually work comfortably there? Are things logically arranged so that the things that you would use most at the desk are closest to hand? There are a lot of things crammed into offices nowadays, from printer stands through filing cabinets. For good office management, you need to be sure that all the things in the office are arranged for maximum efficiency – and maximum safety.  This should meet tips for the power, lighting and ventilation needs of your office space.

While a home is a place where an individual relax after a hard day’s job and must be inspiring, well structured enough for relaxation, family reunion and eliminate boredom. It also represent a window into ones many travels, experience, personality and a wonderful recluse to show off to friends.  It must produce energy not a boring outlook and feeling.

“Investing money in simple, well-planned interiors will quickly transform mundane or faded areas into high impact ones. Fresh paint, integrating new or refurbished furniture, improving task or accent lighting and defining spaces with area rugs and seasonal plants are some examples. Space management is a must for homes and office. Have you considered this salient but very important area in space management? Not sure if this is obtainable in all country especially Nigeria.

  • Legal Requirements: There’s quite a few, as you might imagine in modern Britain: the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA – now replaced by the Equality Act of 2010), Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations, Building Regulations – Part B Fire Safety Volume 2; Part M Access to and use of Buildings; Part E (Resistance to sound), The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and plenty of government guidelines not set in legal stone.
  • Space Planning Standards and Industry Norms – knowing the best ratios of meeting to workspace, hot-desking, quiet space, coffee culture…all these things can have a dramatic affect on your office. A creative agency has a very different approach to a firm of solicitors, hotels, banks, schools etc.
  • Flexibility and Growth – A well designed space will be able to react to your changing business, quickly, effectively and cheaply.
  • Apart from the financial savings, there are accommodation standards, staff welfare, telecoms. Fortunately, Interiors business has been assisting businesses for many years and brings life to home.

Space management is a good idea that works. We know exactly what works, and we’ve seen the “good ideas” that don’t work in practice. We know plenty of great ideas to save you money and keep it simple. This is one of them.